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Noemí Lázaro - Nartan

My name is Noemí Lázaro, I work as a therapist in Spain and I facilitate sessions and trainings in English in Pamplona, online and in international cities in three main areas: 


I offer Akashic Records Readings in English individual sessions in Pamplona and online, and I facilitate Akahic Records Trainings online and in international cities.


Family Constellations, trained by Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi, I give sessions in English in Pamplona, and also online.


I am also Breathwork practicioner and trainer in English and Spanish of Rebirthing/Breathwork, trained by Fanny van Laere and Leonard Orr, discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. I give English sessions in Barcelona and Pamplona.


- I am an international trainer of Women's Circles facilitators.


- Communication English sessions in  Pamplona, and also online.


- Doula. 

My Kaleidoscope and my Secret Garden

When it comes to talk about me, then I start doubting what to tell once explained that my name is Noemí.


On a familiar level, I am daughter of José María and Inocencia, sister of Ruth and Aunt of Inés and Sara, lifemate of Víctor (with whom created Metabreathing) and also the granddaughter of José Maria and Maria Ángeles and Evaristo and Inocencia, the great-granddaughter of Francisco and Concha, Casimiro and Vicenta, Evaristo and Ana María and Jose María and  Inocencia and great-great-granddaughter of many previous generations whose names I don't know. They build a lovely family tree that gives me the roots that I need to have wings.


On a geographicall level, I was born in Calatayud (Spain) and I have lived in Calatayud, Zaragoza, Madrid, Germany, Switzerland and for some years now in Pamplona (Spain). For my friends I was from Calatayud when I lived in Zaragoza, I was from Zaragoza when I lived in Madrid and Pamplona, and for my friends in Germany, Switzerland and USA I'm Naomi aus Spanien /d'Espagne / from Spain.


On an academic level, I'm a bachelor of German Studies, MA in Teaching German as a Foreign Language and PhD in Autonomous Learning Centers for Independent Language Learning. Now I'm also a Psychology student.


On a working level, I have been employed and unemployed, fellow, technician, specialist, manager, middle manager, a teacher at primary and secondary school, university and adult education, and now I am also a facilitator of Family Constellations and Rebirthing. I offer Akashic Records Readings and I work the field of Communication and as a Doula.


On a personal level, I discover myself everyday as I go on finding new masks and unknown parts of me.


On a developmental level, I am the little girl that I was, the teenager that I was, the young that I was and the adult that I am being. Sometimes the one, sometimes the other, sometimes all mixed at the same time.


In fact, and coming back to the question about what to tell about me, I feel that I am the sum of all this and I'm also much more, as a mosaic, a kaleidoscope changing configuration at all times. 


On this website Vivir desde la Pulsión I share part of what I have learnt on my pathway of personal growth in recent years. It is in Spanish, but you can get it translated automatically. With this website I take a step ahead in this journey of personal growth and I expose myself sharing with others what I have enjoyed for long time on my own in my Secret Garden. I hope you can also enjoy it.


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