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For me a Reading of your Akashic Records is a way of Outsourcing you Inner Voice during the session time, so that you get empowered as you can see how wise you are already. It is a kind of channeling in which you access your Higher Self, your Inner Voice, your Guides, your Masters... As you see, they are just different ways of expressing and explaining something we can not  fully express with the language we use. Sometimes I explain it as being the "Outsourcing of your Inner Voice" so that you can begin to rely more on it as you can see it confirmed by a person outside you. The technique is based on creating a meditative silence that allows access to that Inner Voice.


I do not know if this explanation will clear your doubts. In any case, it is something you better experience yourself. If you need additional information do not hesitate to contact me.


Akashic Records Readings is a technique where you can raise a number of questions or issues of your concern and receive specific and concise answers from your superconscious.


An Akashic Records Reading session is approximately one hour long where your questions and issues will be answered. The Readings are recorded on audio and sent after the session, so that you can re-listen it later as many times as you want.


If you are interested in a Reading ONLINE, just contact me to arrange an appointment for an Skype session.  


Noemí Lázaro


(+34) 652 49 86 67


What types of questions can be asked?

For the Akashic Records Reading you might want to prepare seven questions that you want to be answered. When you think about the questions that you want to ask, it is important to allow yourself a space to feel what you need to ask in this moment, and what serves your Highest Good.


Avoid questions whose answers are yes /no,  questions for predicting future and questions regarding someone else's business.  


Here are some examples for questions:

  • What for did that happen...? What do I have to learn from this experience?
  • What are the beliefs or patterns that have limited me in the subject (money, work, friendship, etc...)?
  • How I can improve my relationship with...? What should I learn from my conflict with...?
  • What is the purpose of my Life? What is the best way to do it?
  • What lessons did I choose to learn in this Life?
  • How can I improve my relationship with my son / daughter ... What do we have to learn...?
  • Why did I choose this situation...? 

How to get an ONLINE Reading?

If you are interested in an ONLINE Reading...

- Prepare seven Questions. See some examples above.

- Contact me to arrange an Appointment for an Skype session. 


- Allow yourself the Experience. See some testimonials below.


Readings as a gift

If you would like to offer someone an Akashic Records Reading as a present, contact me and I will send you a nice Gift Voucher for that person. 


Online-International cities

You can learn how to access your own Inner Voice through the Akashic Records. Learn how to open your own Records and also to do Readings for other people. In a simple and practical way you can implement techniques to connect with your own intuition and wisdom.


With the help of dance, various meditation techniques and different types of exercises, we will explore together how to reach your Inner Voice through your body with great efficiency.


Next courses:

3rd and 4th of November 2018. Training in Moscow (Russia)

More info: Katia +7 916 714 00 32


About me

My name is Noemí Lázaro, I work as a therapist in Spain and I facilitate sessions and trainings in English in Barcelona, Pamplona, online and in international cities in three main areas: 


I offer Akashic Records Readings in English individual sessions in Barcelona, Pamplona and online, and I facilitate Akahic Records Trainings online and in international cities.


Family Constellations, trained by Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi, I give sessions in English in Barcelona and Pamplona, and also online.


I am also Breathwork practicioner and trainer in English and Spanish of Rebirthing/Breathworktrained by Fanny van Laere and Leonard Orr, discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. I give English sessions in Barcelona and Pamplona.


“I knew nothing about the akashik records before, so I simply got intrigued by the exotic name and I wanted to give it a try… BOY! It blew my mind! I’m a psychologist, with a PhD, so a very brainy and scientifically oriented person and what I experienced with Noemi’s reading of my records left me without words: I now understand what an oracle was in the ancient times! Someone who cuts the crap, exposes all your self-indulging excuses and urges you to live your innermost truth, courageously, with totality. And it does it out of a firm yet gentle wisdom: no patronizing, no pushy motivational speaker attitude… No: she tunes in and the magic happens: you get to hear what you need to hear — no more, no less. And her fluency is just… not explicable in my rational world, it feels superhuman. No doubt, this has been the most transcendental experience I have ever had.”    




Presentation Coach


March, 2015



"The Akashic record reading came at the right time for me. 

I was spiritually bankrupt and the reading gave me a renewed lease of faith in myself and the world I live in.

I was amazed at how free flowing Noemi was able to channel the information and the fact that English is not her native tongue only added to that.

I was told things that I might not like to hear, somethings I did not totally agree with however overall the essence of what was revealed felt right and now all I want to do is put into action the wisdom I received. 

On a energetic level I felt very calm and re energised after the reading so I would have no hesitation in endorsing Noemi and her ability to channel in a supportive, emphatic and professional manner."


Ciaran Crowe


April, 2015


"Dear Noemi, you helped me so much with your Akasha reading! You gave me a clear direction on some important issues and I made some  decisions since your reading, I wouldn´t have been able to do without it. I am a schooled reader myself, but the clearity you gave, I have not experienced untill now. It is just amazing! You have a clear and direct connection with the source. You indeed showed me a direction to a huge issue as the purpose of my life. And at the same time shed light on some very specific issues with your concrete and practical answers. You made me feel very comfortable because you are such a loving person, no question is funny or strange to you. This reading changed my life, thank you very much!"


Hilda de Rijk




May, 2015