Self-growth and therapies in English

Online- Barcelona- Pamplona

Is this for you?

- Are you living in Spain and you want to continue with you self-growth process?

- Your Spanish is not so fluent and you need someone to talk to in English?

- You want to receive therapy sessions in English with a high qualified professional?


If so, this is the place for you. Contact me and I send you further information:

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About me

My name is Noemí Lázaro, I work as a therapist in Spain and I facilitate sessions and trainings in English in Barcelona, Pamplona, online and in international cities in three main areas: 


I offer Akashic Records Readings in English individual sessions in Barcelona, Pamplona and online, and I facilitate Akahic Records Trainings online and in international cities.


Family Constellations, trained by Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi, I give sessions in English in Barcelona and Pamplona, and also online.


I am also Breathwork practicioner and trainer in English and Spanish of Breathwork/MetabreathingI give English sessions in Barcelona and Pamplona and facilitate trainings internationally.

What do I offer?

Akashic Records Readings and Trainings

Online- Barcelona- Pamplona

Akashic Records Readings is a technique where you can raise a number of questions or issues of your concern and receive specific and concise answers from your superconscious.


An Akashic Records Reading session is approximately one hour long where your questions and issues will be answered. 

Breathwork- Metabreathing

Barcelona- Pamplona- Italy

Metabreathing is a state-of-the-art technique that fuses the Conscious Connected Breathing of Rebirthing with the systemic approach of Family Constellations, the somatic work of traumas, the Gestalt orientation towards relationships together with other means of intrapsychic exploration of the human being.


The breathing in Metabreathing is a method that integrates self-knowledge. It is not about knowing who you are, but about feeling who you are.


Breathwork or Metabreathing sessions are a way to go deeper in your self-growth process. Sessions last 2-2'5 hours and I will guide you how to breath through your nose in order to become aware of the emotional patterns that are limiting your life.

Family Constellations

Online- Barcelona- Pamplona

Family Constellations is a technique to understand the roots of your suffering and limitations in life: health, money and relation issues.


A session is about 1'5 hours and we will explore one issue that is hindering your personal pathway.